Welcome to CacmorTv

CACMORTv is an online Tv station opened by Christ Apostolic Church Mount of Rehoboth Willenhall. West Midlands, United Kingdom. The church has the vision to spread the Word of God and strengthen the Christian voice by impacting the nations of the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through media while brightening the little corner where we are. CACMORTv offers the world a new insight into the gospel experience. The mission is to deliver uplifting true and clear gospel messages to the Christian community whilst being available to those on the hem of faith.

The programmes exclusively on CACMORTv which has universal appeal and
have impacted remarkably on the lives of the Christian community particularly
and the entire human race which is the primary purpose of the station is:

The Word

Soul lifting messages, Bible teachings and prayers
Present the gospel of Christ and seek to make disciples (Matthew 28:16-20)
Equip the Church to counter the increasing anti-social behaviour of our society.


Inspirational and heart touching gospel music videos
We trust that you will be blessed as you watch our programmes.